Amusement Centre/ Park, Carnival

There’s no better way for people to remember their amusement park adventures than with their hard-earned stuffed animals and other toys! After all, playing the different games and attractions wouldn’t be very rewarding or challenging if there were no prizes involved. At Toyland Company, we offer the latest in cool toys and exciting prizes at very affordable prices. Give your patrons something they’ll look forward to winning! We have fun merchandise of all sizes, from the trendiest stuffed animals to cute tiny wind-up crawling animals and insects.

The 8” plastic flying dragonfly is a great small prize. The miracles of flight can be held and witnessed firsthand and is a breathtaking marvel to behold by people of all ages. Also, take a look at our gliders. Other great choices for small prizes include poppers and bouncy balls.

For large prizes, die-cast models of cars, planes, helicopters, and bikes are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Check out the many different designs in the catalog.
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Convenience Store

Here at Toyland Company, the quality, variety, and affordability of our products are of key concern. We continuously add to our selection of spectacular toys, novelty items, and useful household items. Many of our products come in blister packs or with header cards, allowing merchandise to be hung up and displayed attractively. This notion suits convenience stores perfectly by conserving space and making items noticeable to customers. Products that come in blister packs include our grand selection of cap, dart or pellet guns, whoopee cushions and party items such as birthday candles and birthday banners. Exciting novelty items such as shocking pens, fart bags, and trick and joke bags are also popular items that take up little space but are definite head-turners. Our disposable lighters also serve as marvelous display items and are available in an undecorated style or in a sticker-adorn version.


Department Store

At Toyland Company, we can confidently assert that our sales staff have collectively served chain stores and major department stores for over 40 years. We have extensive experience on doing schematic planograms custom-built for your need. The majority of our products are UPC coded and are in uniform packaging which makes merchandising a breeze. In addition, many of our products come in bilingual (English & French) packaging. Our product management team at Toyland Company works diligently to ensure that we can offer the finest products to you at great values. Along with toys, our inventory includes novelty items, recreational items, and household accessories. We have an impressive line of kids umbrellas that come in many exciting colours. Designs include dogs, ducks, frogs, and much more. Some of them are pop-out umbrellas whose wings protrude from the top. At the sight of the large selection of umbrellas we have, will make any child smile like sunshine in the rain. Have a glance at our catalog or take a tour of our showroom and let our products impress you!


Direct Marketing

From the day Toyland Company was established in 1978, our inventory of toys & novelty products began changing and growing, eventually blooming into a company that caters to a wide range of businesses. Our warehouse is currently stocked with tons of unique items that include an array of toys, novelty items, sports equipment, inflatables, accessories, and household items—just to name a few. The items we carry appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers. Take our line of classic but modern sunglasses; this collection, which includes a myriad shapes and styles such as sunglasses for men, women, and children, is bound to impress. Other well-liked products include our multi-sized stuffed animals—some of which are perfect for special occasions. With over 3000 spectacular items to choose from, you are sure to be amazed!


Distributor Wholesaler, Jobber

Toyland Company would be pleased to work with distributors, wholesalers, as well as jobbers to meet your needs. Toyland Company can offer distributor pricing for all your desired goods, which means you will be getting very competitive prices. Our products have a high perceived value, ensuring that your profit margin is healthy. Contact one of our sales representatives today, and they will be glad to provide additional details to you.


Dollar / Discount/ Variety Store

Everyone loves discount and variety stores, with their breathtaking aisles and aisles of exciting goods and unbelievable deals that are waiting to be discovered around every corner. At Toyland Company, we know that there’s nothing that quite compares to the feeling of finding an exceptional bargain. Toyland Company’s titanic product selection can help you give every customer that walks through your doors that exact rush. Our frequent updates to our merchandise selections mean that the hottest and trendiest products are available to you and your customers. Toyland Company offers huge varieties of goods at surprisingly competitive prices, ranging from cool gadgets to exciting toys.
For escaping the summer heat, nothing beats jumping into a pool! Toyland Company carries a wide selection of inflatable pool toys at very competitive prices, as well as swim aids such as kickboards for those less accustomed to being in an aquatic environment. We also carry swimming goggles and snorkeling gear.
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Drug Store

Our company knows the importance of offering a broad spectrum of merchandise to our valued customers. Although we specialize in toys and novelty items, Toyland Company is nonetheless a frequent supplier to the drug store industry. Sunglasses, beauty tools, and smoking accessories are only a few among our non-toy selections, and of course, all are available at high quality and unbeatable prices. In addition, we have a complete collection of umbrellas of sizes ranging from child to adult. Our umbrellas are available in various colors and designs, including solid hues, plaid prints, and exciting designs for kids. The fun never ends at Toyland Company, which explains our magnificent line of party ware. Our selection includes materials for various occasions and consists of all the essentials such as banners, party hats, and paper cups and plates. We are also proud to display our Canadian spirit with the hundreds of Canada-themed items that Toyland Company has to offer. We have Canadian lanyards, key chains, flashing pins, bracelets, and lighters—just to name a few. Seeing that our selection continues to grow, Toyland Company can almost certainly serve all your product needs!


Gift Basket

Putting together an attractive and tidy gift basket has never been easier with Toyland Company’s diverse selection of superb merchandise. Fill your present with the latest toys and accessories while getting outstanding bargains. Practical items such as our cell phone accessories, magnets, and picture frames are perfectly suited for gift baskets. Plus, our cuddly stuffed animals, pretty stationery, lovely dolls, and trendy jewelry are certain to fill many girls’ hearts with joy. We offer fun novelty items such as whoopee cushions, as well as cars, airplanes, and dinosaurs. There is no better place to look for gifts when Toyland Company is around.


Gift / Book Shop

One of the many things that Toyland Company never fails to achieve is offering fun, fresh, and fantastic merchandise at unbelievably low prices. We sell modern accessories and items that are usable and adored by people of all ages: fabulous stationery and stickers; funky lanyards; cuddly stuffed animals; night lights with calming designs; fashionable magnetic and charm bracelets. Our amazing products show you that at Toyland Company, looking attractive is a must, for sure!


Grocery / Supermarket

At Toyland Company, we make a sincere effort to satisfy both the retailer and the shopper. We understand that grocery shopping can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially when the kids are begging to go home. To improve the shopping experience, Toyland Company provides thousands of fun yet affordable toys that are great for keeping the young ones occupied at the supermarket, allowing parents to focus peacefully on their shopping experience.

Many of our toys are sold in blister cards or are packaged with header cards, allowing merchandise to be showcased neatly on the wall.

We have extensive experience in schematic planograms custom-built for your need. The majority of our products are UPC coded and are in uniform packaging which makes merchandising a breeze. As an added bonus, many of our products come in bilingual (English & French) packaging specifically with Canadian retailers in mind.


Importer/ Manufacturer

Toyland Company directly imports the goods we sell. Because of this, we are able to keep our prices low, and our selection unique.

If you are a manufacturer and believe your products would complement Toyland Company’s line-up of goods, feel free to contact our purchasers and they will be glad to talk to you.



Toyland Company offers a wide selection of products for sale. Sometimes, when Toyland Company requires assistance with clearing an item from its inventory, perfectly suited for liquidators! These products are updated regularly and are grouped into a single PDF file for your viewing convenience. Contact one of our representatives today and we will be glad to assist you with your needs, whatever they may be.


Online Retailer

Toyland Company welcomes the opportunity to do business with online retailers. It is the responsibility of the resellers to check if the products can be sold on the various platforms as we only accept returns on manufacturers’ defective products.

All our products have been verified and approved for sale by the designated authorities. However, we do not provide safety certificates.

We do not do drop shipments or provide inventory lists on an Excel sheet.


Party Store / Party Planner

When it comes to setting up the ultimate party, Toyland Company makes preparation a breeze. We are your one-stop shop for the latest party equipment. We carry all your party needs in terms of eye-catching décor and accessories, including a wide variety of banners, candles, and balloons for every occasion. Whether you are hosting an anniversary, birthday, or other celebration, we can revamp your venue with our grand selection of tablecloths, flags, and strobe lights. In addition, we carry reflective disco balls that are compatible with battery-operated motors. Take a look at our large collection of hats and costume sets that are sure to enhance your party experience! Make a lasting impression after your party by giving your guests a little loot bag! Package your treats in our clear, patterned cellophane bags that are perfect for all events. With the multitude of creative and wacky knick-knacks that we offer—all at a guilt-free price—your party will be a definite crowd-pleaser.


Private Individual

Toyland Company is a B-B business catering to businesses and retail stores only. To protect our commitment to our valued customers, at the present, we are unable to do business with private individuals at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Premium & Promotional Company

With Toyland Company’s vast selection of goods, we are able to meet the needs of all Premium and Promotional companies, large and small. Our pens and magnets are suitable for imprint of the customer’s name and company right out of the box, and with our competitive pricing, rest assured that your profit margin will be maximized. Check out our cool selection of pens and pencils, as well as erasers, under the S2CPP and S5NS categories. We also offer other products that can be imprinted as well. Register on our website and check out our full catalog online today!


Recreational Centre

Not only do we have a spectacular collection of toys, but we also supply new and exciting gear for recreational activities. At Toyland Company, we understand and value the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Thus, our list of available sports equipment is expansive: rackets and birdies for badminton, paddles, and balls for table tennis, golf balls, tees, flying discs, and much more. We carry a variety of jump ropes, a classic and effective way to stay in shape.

The latest addition of products that we are proud to flaunt is Toyland Company’s new and improved line of inflatables. We now carry inflatables in many forms, colors, and sizes that the whole family can embrace. This includes our vibrant beach balls, theme-inspired boats, relaxing lounge chairs, and adorable swim rings—you name it! To top off our collection of water toys, we also carry snorkel sets and goggles for children and adults of all sorts. Water never looked so good since Toyland Company came along.


Resort / Camp Site / Travel Information Centre

Although we are primarily a wholesaler of toys and novelties, Toyland Company is also proud to present countless products specialized for camping and travel. We ensure that our company is on its toes when it comes to providing contemporary and essential merchandise for touring, resorts, and campsites. Included in this category are high-quality, yet affordable binoculars, sunglasses, radios, whistles, and luggage straps.

Since wet weather is nearly inevitable in all Canadian provinces, umbrellas are must-haves. Toyland Company offers many sorts of umbrellas in different colors and patterns, including our adorable umbrellas for kids.

As a Canadian Company, we also carry hundreds of products that show off our national symbol. This ranges from Canadian stationery to keychains to lanyards to bandanas! Our maple leaf-inspired merchandise serves as marvelous souvenirs for everyone, especially at Toyland Company’s competitive prices!

The whole point of a vacation is to relax, and at Toyland Company, we offer a good selection of products to relieve the stress of everyday life.
For those who spend time beside bodies of water, we carry many inflatable water toys, from inflatable beach balls to swim rings to inflatable loungers! Check out the K9 section for our exciting collection of aquatic toys!

Toyland Company carries fun outdoor toys for kids, such as plastic golf sets, catch ball sets, badminton rackets, and much more.
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School / Educational Institute

Reading from a textbook can only take a student so far—especially those kinesthetic learners. To provide them with the best education, Toyland Company offers many educational aids that can be used for demonstrations of concepts learned in class and most importantly, for the pupils to have hands-on experimentation for themselves. We also have numerous stimulating mental challenges for students.

The Magic Spring inspired by Slinky can be used as a toy, but they are wonderful for many applications in physics! Wave motion can be easily seen and produced firsthand, and with metal magic springs, a solenoid with variable length can be made, demonstrating the effect coils per unit length have on the magnetic field.

Newton’s Cradle is a great way to show students how the laws of conservation of energy and momentum work together to keep the hanging balls in motion. Newton’s third law of action and reaction can also be observed through this amazing contraption.

During breaks, students can immerse themselves in challenging puzzles. The mini wooden puzzles show students that elegant designs can be made from seemingly random pieces of wood intricately fit together.

With Toyland Company’s competitive prices, everyone can have a chance to get their hands on these amazing and educational items. There won’t be a need to wait in line before equipment is freed up, and spares can be kept on hand in case a broken item needs to be replaced.

Register on our website today to see how Toyland Company can bring fun to your students’ learning!


Swap Meet / Kiosk

With over 40 years of experience serving businesses across Canada, Toyland Company has well earned its reputation as a leading supplier of toys and novelty items. Our inventory of products has evolved over the past three decades to result in an impressive range of merchandise. This includes houseware, recreational items, jewelry, and of course, a grand selection of toys. Many of our toys such as key chains and die-cast trucks come in compact display boxes so customers can actually touch and feel the actual products before they purchase. Some of our products come in attractive boxes with transparent display windows; the boxes can be stacked to create an appealing display, and function as great gift items. To simplify the task of merchandising, most of our products are UPC coded—another reason to choose Toyland Company when you wish for variety and competitive pricing!


Science & Nature / Museum

Kids love hands-on activities! At Toyland Company, we have just the things you need to stimulate interest in the natural world all around us.

To help kids discover and observe the smaller inhabitants we share this world with, Toyland Company carries insect cages and magnifying holders. With this, kids can learn to identify the different insects that exist around us in our daily activities.

Harnessing the amazing capabilities of the wind is easily within reach. Kids can discover this breathtaking renewable resource by flying a kite! Toyland Company carries kites with many fascinating designs that are ready to fly since spools are included!

Toyland Company also carries a wide selection of products that provide a glimpse into the prehistoric eras of the Earth before humans roamed the planet. We have realistic dinosaur figures, as well as model sets, and glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs. All of these can be found in the A5RAI section.

Toyland Company is pleased to offer the above-mentioned products, and lots more at competitive prices! Register on our website today and see what other neat toys we carry!


Social / Religious/ Political / Charity organization

At Toyland Company, we carry a wide line of items that are sure to suit your fundraising needs.

We have fun and educational games for the whole family! They make great products for auctions or raffles. Board games are a great way to get everyone seated down together for an exciting round of whatever game it may be, and everyone would be glad to receive one of these for a prize.

If the prizes are for more serious individuals, we offer intellectually stimulating products such as Newton’s Cradle Balance Ball which are a great addition to anyone’s tabletop.

The items under the A3BULK section make great redemption prizes! The majority of them are specifically designed for mystery bag prizes as they are small and economical.

Toyland Company also has all your event decoration needs covered. We have balloons in an expansive spectrum of color and size, and even those with messages printed on them. Check out the C5B section for various balloons for every occasion. Toyland Company also carries plastic drinking cups and tablecloths to maintain healthy hygiene during large gatherings.
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Toy / Hobby / Craft Shop

Toyland Company supplies a vast range of merchandise to arts and crafts and hobby stores, at unbeatable prices. One of our reigning best-sellers is our slimes and putties, which come in myriad colors and containers. Here at Toyland Company, we are inspired by the imagination!

For arts and crafts enthusiasts, Toyland Company is pleased to present a collection of beautiful glass rocks, magnificent beads and strings for jewelry making; we even have hundreds of stylish charm links for bracelet making!



Toyland Company carries a broad line-up of fun toys, exciting gadgets, and cool accessories. We are confident that, whatever your business may be, something from Toyland Company’s diverse selection will be an exciting addition to your current products. All of our merchandise is competitively priced as to maximize your profit range. Contact one of Toyland Company’s representatives today and we will be glad to assist you with your needs.