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Toyland Company’s collection of Canadian memorabilia is vast, including many exciting items emblazoned with the Canadian maple leaf. These products are popular with tourists who want to bring a part of Canada back to their homes. Ranging from simple Canada flag lapel pins to Canada luggage tags, Toyland Company provides many items which can be used to broadcast your Canadian pride. These objects have also proved to be a smashing success for Canada Day celebrations. Show your patriotic side by carrying Canadian merchandise from Toyland Company! Register on our website and check out the complete Canadiana line-up today!


Games & Puzzles

What better way is there to gather a family around the table than with a classic board game? Toyland Company offers the finest in games and puzzles of all kinds. From snakes and ladders to bingo, the best in entertainment is available at Toyland Company. While traveling, the added convenience of a magnetic board is unmatched, so check out our magnetic Chinese checkers and backgammon sets. We also carry a variety of cribbage, hangman and tic-tac-toe game pads, as well as the Yahtzee-inspired Get-5 game pads. Toyland Company carries a large selection of dice, along with spare cribbage pegs, and refill game pads. Along with these, we sell durable playing cards as well as gadgets such as card shoes and automatic shufflers to maximize your enjoyment. Contact Toyland Company and we’ll be glad to assist you with all your toy needs.


Gifty Items

Many of Toyland Company’s products make great gifts that are perfect for any occasion. For office executives, add a touch of sophistication on their desk or shelf with a Newton’s Cradle, or bestow them with a paperweight in the form of a brilliant, large diamond that would make anyone feel a thousand times richer! We also carry a 12” wooden mannequin on a pedestal, perfect for an artist or anyone who is curious to see what amazing (or odd) forms the human body is capable of taking! For a personalized gift, combine one of our photo frames with a lovely—or silly—picture of you and the lucky recipient! And who could ever resist a cuddly plush doll? Register on our website today and browse our complete product selection for the perfect gifts today!

Summer & Water Toys

Summer & Water Toys

What better activity to do on a hot midsummer day than having a water fight? Toyland Company has everything you need to get drenched as fast as possible!

Our water gun selection is extremely varied, ranging from your tiny squirt gun to water blasters that can pinpoint a target from tens of meters away! With our competitive prices, you can stock up on the widest selection of water blasters of every shape and size.

A traditional water balloon fight is a great way to get wet, cool down and have fun doing so! Toyland Company carries water balloons with a pump included in the bag to help you prepare for battle faster than your opponents! For subsequent battles, we also carry water balloon packages that do not include a pump for the best bang for your buck.

Everyone’s played with soap bubbles before, but the experience is completely different once you throw in Toyland Company’s selection of bubble makers and soaps! We have your classic bubble soap bottle and wand, to the coolest electric bubble makers. For a truly breathtaking sight, check out the 6 inch flashing bubble gun that fire away a luminous barrage of bubbles accompanied by 4 bright LED lights.

For those just learning to swim, to competitive racers, Toyland Company has swim toys for everyone. Swim rings and inflatable wings can help those not so comfortable in the water, while our goggles and snorkeling gear can help experienced swimmers discover a brand new world beneath the surface.
Whatever your summer and water needs are: Toyland Company will be glad to assist you with them.



Going camping? We have everything at Toyland Company to best prepare you for your outdoor adventures! From a two person tent, to camping lanterns, to cutlery-on-the-go, to rain ponchos, you can find what you need for a weekend out with nature here at Toyland. Having a family campfire? Make it a bit more brilliant with our Phantom Fire. Tossing this in the fire will make it dance with a whole spectrum of colours. And what better way is there to enjoy a campfire than to be sitting around it? We carry foldable camping stools that are very comfortable and take up minimal space. A day out in the sun is never complete without a nice pair of shades. Browse through our many styles of sunglasses to best suit your needs and enhance your personal style! Whether you’re doing something sporty, going out on the town, or channeling the Top Gun look with aviators, we’ve got the perfect pair for you! Don’t let mosquitoes and other bugs ruin a good time! Our electric bug zapper is the ultimate bug deterrent, whether they are harassing you indoors or outdoors! Register on our website today and check out Toyland Company’s full selection of outdoor goods.



Toyland Company’s products are not limited to toys; we carry jewelry and fashion accessories as well! From colourful bandanas featuring trendy designs, to hair clips and elastics, to headbands, we have hair accessories to keep any person’s hair tidy while evoking their own sense of style. We have an impressively wide variety of rings for your perusal, from cute to classy, with an assortment of designs and sizes to adorn the hands of children and adults alike! Our line of tattoos is incredibly diverse and is FDA approved as well. Log on to our website and explore our jewelry today!

light and glow

Light Up & Glow

Penetrate the darkness with Toyland Company! We carry a brilliant selection of light up gadgets and glow sticks along with one-of-a-kind light-up toys. Popular since the 1980’s, glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces have not gone out of style! They are great for recreating the mood of the good ol’ roller rink days, or adding an element of fun to parties and events. Toyland Company also offers the latest in glow stick designs including glow stick balls and glasses! How about setting the mood for a romantic evening? You can have a safe “candlelit” dinner with our LED candles! They’re equally as beautiful as ordinary candles, and they don’t burn out! They are also a quick fix to any blackouts that may happen suddenly in a storm. For the budding astronomer or romantic daydreamer, we have glow-in-the-dark stars and planets to create a spectacular night sky in your very own bedroom! Our selection of glow-in-the-dark toys range from growing zombies to gloves to flying discs to bouncy balls! Make sure you’re visible when taking that night stroll or jog! We have glow-in-the-dark shoelaces, as well flashing mittens and bracelets for your safety. Register on our website today and check out all that Toyland Company has to offer!


Party & Accessories

Toyland Company has an exciting selection of party accessories. They can be used for parties that are simple and elegant, as well as those that are extravagant and ornate. From party staples such as tablecloths and disposable wine and drink glasses, to specially-themed party outfits, Toyland Company has it all! We even carry hard to find items such as strobe lights, disco balls and bubble machines to help create a memorable experience. Toyland Company carries balloons that are run-of-the-mill, as well as those with humorous messages. Having a tropical themed party? What better way to decorate than with inflatable palm trees and Hawaiian leis for the guests? The ultimate birthday party wouldn’t be complete without birthday hats and tablecloths along with a huge banner. Get your party off the ground with the help of Toyland Company and its party accessories. Contact us today and we will be glad to assist you with your party item needs.


Costumes & Accessories

Need supplies for a theme party? Toyland Company can help you with all your party needs. Our hilarious costumes along with our unique accessories are sure to add the missing pizzazz to any party! Whether you’re looking for helmets, hats, dress-up costumes, or accessories to give an outfit a finishing touch, Toyland Company is sure to have a product that will suit your needs. We carry a wide selection of hats ranging from cowboy hats to sheriff hats to safari hats. For a more dramatic effect, try incorporating a helmet into your outfit for the ultimate rugged look! Whatever your needs may be, contact Toyland Company today and we will be glad to assist you.


Redemption / Loot Items

Toyland Company carries over 100 toys and novelties that cost less than $0.25! These toys are perfect to give out as prizes. We have become the location to call for all your redemption item needs. We carry the finest in redemptions items including mini dinosaurs, bugs, toy cars, and pencil tops. These toys are also fine candidates for filling up loot bags. Register on our website today and check out what we have to offer for your redemption and loot bag needs!



Toyland Company carries a wonderful array of novelty items that are sure to delight both the giver and receiver! The traditional shocking toys that deliver a harmless minor shock when activated are cleverly disguised as regular day-to-day objects. Brighten up a dreary rainy day with one of our fun and colourful kids’ umbrellas that come in different themes and animal shapes! Slimes and putties are still popular with those who are looking for a different tangible experience or would like anything gooey and oozes. For those looking for a piece of nostalgia, we carry classic items such as Rubik’s cubes, slinky coil toys, whoopee cushions, slingshots, and Magic 8 balls. Pick one up for a friend or keep it for yourself! Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

custom design

Custom Designed Products

Toyland Company specializes in developing name recognition and enhancing corporate products via custom designing. We work with many toy specialty firms to deliver custom products that meet our client’s ideas and requests. We are known for offering personalized products by printing our client’s design idea onto the toys or packages that we offer. Custom design toys are great promotional products for your business, school, or organization. Personalized playing cards, antenna balls and Canadiana items with your logo, web site address, name, and/or phone number will effectively keep you on the minds of your customers. We offer factory direct pricing and have the experience to guide your project from beginning to end. Please contact us for pricing and details.